tiistai 29. syyskuuta 2009

Vastaus suurlähettiläs Vera Mavricilta

Alla suurlähettiläs Vera Mavricin 25. syyskuuta päivätty vastine edellisen aiheen kirjeeseen:

Dear Mr. Sami Hilvo,

Thank you for your letter, I am glad to read you are interested in events taking place in Serbia.

I fully understand your concern and want to assure you that the Government of Serbia strongly respects democratic values, human dignity and rights. This tendency is further demonstrated by laws enacted e.g. laws on minority rights as well as the anti-discrimination law adopted by the Parliament of Serbia earlier this year.

With reference to cancellation of the Belgrade Pride 2009 parade, I would like to add an observation that the authorities in Serbia offered the event organizers a change in venue, from the city center to another central and revered location, near the Palace of Serbia. That area would have been much easier to control and the safety of all participants could have been ensured. Unfortunately the proposal of authorities was rejected and venue was cancelled.

I sincerely hope that very soon this matter will be appropriately resolved and we can prove to all those who are sceptic that we are a tolerant, open society; a country that is part of Europe and strongly working towards being a member of EU one day.

Kind regards,

Vera Mavric
Ambassador of Serbia


Linkitys suurlähettiläs Vera Mavricin kirjeessä Sami Hilvon. Tässä tiedoksenne myös Palace of Serbian sijainti Belgradissa.

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